How do I add a To Do?

We love To Dos at Sharelov.

We believe that assigning tasks by defining who’s responsible for a job and when is the due date is super important for moving a project forward in a timely manner.

To Dos are integrated to our messaging tools to make them seamless.

  1. Add a To Do to a post: you can request changes to a creative asset by sending a post comment and adding To Dos to the people responsible.

    By adding To Dos to a post comment, you provide context to your team and make it clear who’s responsible for each task and when each task needs to be completed.
  2. Add campaign To Dos: you can assign campaign tasks to your team by sending a campaign message and adding To Dos. The campaign message allows you to provide general instructions, while To Dos allow you to break down and assign all the responsibilities.

You can review your To Dos and your team’s in the To Dos section. Here, you can filter your To Dos report based on your needs, including:

  • Your To Dos
  • To Dos you’ve assigned
  • To Dos based on status (Overdue, Due Today, Upcoming and Completed)
  • A Brand’s To Dos
  • A Teammate’s To Dos
  • Your team’s To Dos performance

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