How To Enable Sharelov’s Auto-Publish To Instagram

Before you enable Sharelov’s Auto-Publish to Instagram, you’ll need to connect your Facebook Page to your Instagram Business account (if you haven’t already). Please verify that your Instagram account is properly connected by looking for the “Connected Instagram Account” verification notice on your Facebook Page Instagram settings. Once you’ve confirmed […]


Sharelov allows you to upload, share and collaborate with your team on any type of creative asset for any type of campaign. Sharelov supports the following file formats: Adobe (.psd, .ai) Audio (.mp3, .wav, .wma, .ogg) Images (JPG, JPEG, JPE, GIF, PNG) Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx) Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx) […]

How do I publish to Instagram?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube posts are published directly from Sharelov. However, Instagram posts currently need to be published directly from the Instagram app. You can schedule Instagram publishing notifications via Sharelov for all your approved Instagram posts. To schedule your campaign’s posts to Instagram, make sure: The Brand is […]

How do I edit a To Do?

To Dos can only be edited by the To Dos author. To edit a To Do you’ve assigned, follow these simple steps: Look for the To Do you wish to edit. You can do this in the To Dos section by clicking on the “Assigned by Me” button. Click the […]

How do I add a To Do?

We love To Dos at Sharelov. We believe that assigning tasks by defining who’s responsible for a job and when is the due date is super important for moving a project forward in a timely manner. To Dos are integrated to our messaging tools to make them seamless. Add a […]

How do I provide feedback to my team?

Sharelov is all about helping teams work together faster and better. Note that all types of messages in Sharelov are private and can only be seen by the users included in the To: input when the message is sent. You can provide provide feedback in three ways: Campaign Briefs: When […]

How can I add a social profile to a Brand?

To add a social profile to a Brand, go to the brand’s profile page in Sharelov and click on the Networks button. In the Social Networks menu, click the “New Social Network” button. In the Social Networks page, click the social media profile you wish to add. You’ll then be […]

How do I invite clients to a campaign?

Clients that are members of a Brand Team are NOT automatically granted access to a Brand’s campaigns. An Admin or Owner needs to add clients to each campaign in order to grant them access. To add a Client to a campaign, you can simply send them a campaign message within […]