How do I publish posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube?

To publish your campaign’s posts to a social network, the campaign must be connected to the desired social network profile.

To confirm if the campaign is connected to a social media profile, go to the Campaign Actions menu and check that the Social Publishing function is turned ON.

Once the campaign has Social Publishing turned ON, you can proceed to publish your posts by:

  1. Approve the post (posts need to be approved first to enable Publishing)
  2. Click on the post’s Publish button

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube posts are published directly from Sharelov.

Instagram posts currently need to be published directly from the Instagram app. To publish an Instagram post from Sharelov,

  1. Approve the post
  2. Click on the post’s Publish button
  3. Select the user responsible for publishing the post (Publisher). When the post is schedule to be published, Sharelov will send a Publish Notification via text message to the Publisher.
  4. The Publish Notification will include a link to the post so that the Publisher can copy the post’s assets.

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